Organic Chelate Range

Chelation is the process of attaching a specific organic molecule called a Ligand to a mineral ion at two or more sites to form a chelate ring structure. LiquidAg use Natural Amino Acids as part of the Organic Chelate due to the superior benefits they provide to the plant. It is produced through the microbial digestion of deep sea fish emulsions and crustaceans.

Natural to plant health Amino Acids are the essential building blocks for plant growth. They provide a slow-released and consistent nourishment, they are easier to absorb, offer increased uptake efficiency and nutrient mobility, prevents nutrient precipitation and leaching, thereby facilitating more vigorous growth and greater yields.


The Kelp extracts (two different seaweed species) have been microbially digested and incorporates plant nutrients, beneficial fungi and bacteria that have been thoroughly selected to provide the product with the full range of plant hormones.

The benefits of using these kelp extracts as a fertiliser source results from them containing a complex mixture of Phytohormones, bioactive carbohydrates, plant growth regulators, amino acids, beneficial fungi, bacteria and numerous plant essential elements and vitamins.