LiquidAg's fertiliser ranges are sourced from the highest quality raw materials and are locally manufactured on the Eyre Peninsula in Warramboo, South Australia. All products are available in enviros, IBC’s or in bulk and can be purchased directly through Founder & Managing Director Tim van Loon on 0428 818 038 or through a select number of independent retailers across rural South Australia.

Our liquid products for use in broadacre agriculture are available for:

  • Pre-Seeding
    • Soil surface application
    • Down the tube multi nutrient blends
  • Post-Seeding
    • Foliar applications

Sulphate Range

LiquidAg’s sulphate fertilisers are ideal for correcting nutrient deficiencies. They are most useful where a quick fix, quick response is needed because of the rapid nutrient uptake they provide.

Organic Chelate Range

LiquidAg uses natural Amino Acids as part of the Organic Chelate Range due to the superior nutritional benefits they provide to plants.

Nitrogen Solutions

Nitrogen is considered to be the most important component for plant growth. Today's most efficient Nitrogen nutrient management programs use both soil and foliar fertiliser applications.

Water Quality & Conditioners

Spray product effectiveness can be reduced by as much as 25% when using poor quality water. Both water hardness and pH are critical issues when providing the right environment and efficiancy for spraying solutions.

Custom Blending

Custom blending is one of LiquidAg's key platforms of differentiation and skillsets that our team is most proud of. Whilst we have a wide selection of standard products, we can custom blend any of them to the analysis and combination that the farmer requires.