Our Team

Our vision as a team is to provide both a service that’s highly beneficial in all forms of the customers experience with the intent to exceed our customers expectation. As well as providing a high quality, cost effective liquid fertiliser solutions. LiquidAg is a local business that has the best interest of the farmer and the surrounding communities, we pride ourselves on upholding the traditional family business values of being caring, compassionate and hard-working in our everyday activities.

We as a business hope to further grow our footprint in the farming regions around Australia  and will continue to engage in research within the field, to further create and adapt our products to suit the forever changing market.

Timothy van Loon
Founder/Managing Director

Tim has forty years of experience in the agriculture industry, where thirty of those were occupied by running his own personal farm. Tim has a diploma in Agriculture Science and was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a Nuffield Scholarship in 2001 to further research liquid fertilisers and its use on an international level. Tim has travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America researching their liquid industries and continues to research the field after receiving the Nuffield Phillip Young Fellowship Award.

Micah van Loon
Production Manager

Micah has completed a Bachelor of Business, and has been directly involved within LiquidAg for three years now. Dedicated to all aspects of the business, he is passionate about growing his knowledge and understanding about the agriculture industry. Micah’s drive, passion and ability to further grow LiquidAg is what gives the Van Loon family great confidence in him to one-day take the reins from Tim as Managing Director.

Tracey van Loon
Accounts & Administration Manager

Tracey has also been involved in the agriculture industry for over thirty years now in a number a different roles including; ten years as a rural financial counsellor on the Eyre Peninsula and had a direct involvement in the farming business management operations. She has continued to manager and coordinate all accounts and administration work for LiquidAg over the past eight years. What inspires Tracey to continue her work is the continuous challenge of growing and nurturing a small family business.

Taylor van Loon
Marketing Manager

Taylor holds a Bachelor of Public Relations, and has had over ten years' experience in communications and marketing across a variety of businesses and industries. Currently working in the property industry, Taylor has been involved with LiquidAg over the past few years on a casual basis to assist in growing our brand. Taylor enjoys working closely with her family, and the opportunity to learn more about the agriculture sector.