Liquid Amino Acid Kelp 10% Zinc Chelate

AAKelp 10% Zn Chelate is a foliar fertiliser ideally suited to deal with early zinc deficiencies in broadacre crops along with the benefits that the combination of Amino Acids and Kelp provide. The complex mix of Phytohormones, bioactive carbohydrates, plant growth regulators, beneficial fungi, bacteria and numerous plant essential elements and vitamins increase the efficiency of the product exponentially as the combination works together symbiotically, providing heightened benefits.

AAKelp 10% Zn Chelate has been developed to be compatible with the imidazolinone herbicides (imazapic + imazapyr). To not effect the efficiency of the herbicides whilst providing Zinc and a broad range of nutritional goodness to the plants in a clearfield farming system. This is critical in allowing a one pass operation for in crop weed control and nutrition.

Analysis w/v
Amino Acid Kelp (AAK)- 171 g/l
Zinc (Zn) – 100g/l
Nitrogen (N) 21.7 g/l
Sulphur (S) – 50 g/l
pH – 3.15
Specific Gravity (SG) – 1.26
Liquid Amino Acid Kelp 10% Zinc

Directions For Use

Foliar Spray

Foliar Spray Rate (l/ha) Water Rate (l/ha) Comments
Wheat + Barley2 litres/ha70-100 litres/haApply to young actively growing plants, weeds – 3 leaf to 2 tiller stage, crop – 4 leaf to mid tillering, add to water and tank under good agitation prior to adding imidiazolinone herbicide, add spray adjuvant such as Hasten or Xtend

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Please refer to individual nutrient ranges.