Liquid ZMC

This multi-nutrient blend of Zinc, Manganese and Copper is an ideal product for addressing the deficiencies of the three most common Trace elements and or for just maintaining good crop health through the crops prolific growth phases from early tillering.

Analysis w/v
Zinc (Zn) – 50g/l
Manganese (Mn) – 92g/l
Copper (Cu) – 10g/l
Sulphur (S) – 83g/l
pH – 3.5 - 4.5
Specific Gravity (SG) – 1.35
Liquid ZMC

Directions For Use

Foliar Spray

Whilst all three trace elements may express their deficiencies or needs at  different growth stages the ZMC product can provide all the plants needs. Multiple sprays may be required however.

Foliar Spray Rate (l/ha) Water Rate (l/ha) Comments
Cereals3-5 litres/ha70 litres/haApply from 5 leaf stage