Liquid Zinc/Manganese Combo

This Sulphate Zn/Mn combo solution is ideal for solving these two critical Trace Element deficiencies that commonly ocurr on the sandy to loam soils in the southern Australian cropping soils.

Analysis (w/v)
Zinc (Zn) – 64 g/l
Manganese (Mn) – 102 g/l
Sulphur (S) – 91 g/l
pH – 4 - 5
Specific Gravity (SG) – 1.39

Liquid ZN MN Combo

Directions For Use

Foliar Spray

This combination is best used as a foliar spray.

Foliar Spray Rate l/ha Water Rate l/ha Comments
Cereals3-6 l/ha70-100 l/haApply from 3 leaf to mid tillering