Liquid Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN)

UAN is made from a combination of dissolved ammonium nitrate and Urea. It contains Nitrogen in three forms, nitrate, ammonium, and urea. Nitrate is available immediately to the plant with a slower release of ammonium and urea.

Analysis (w/v %)
Nitrogen (N) – 420 g/l
pH – 7
Specific Gravity (SG) – 1.32

Analysis (w/w %)
320 grams/kg (32%)
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Directions For Use

Soil Injection

The banding of UAN below or near the seed at seeding time improves Nitrogen efficiency.

Soil Injection Rate (l/ha) Water Rate (l/ha) Comments
-5-60 litres/ha-Ensure nitrogen band is away from seed and check compatibility when mixing with other products

Foliar Spray

Spraying or dribble banding UAN offers an accurate application of Nitrogen post emergent and is compatible with a wide range of crop protection products. It also has a lower volatilisation potential than solids.

Foliar Spray Rate (l/ha) Water Rate (l/ha) Comments
Cereals5-40 litres/ha70-100 litres/haSpray in cool conditions and prior to rainfall
Canola5-40 litres/ha70-100 litres/ha-